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Commercial Property


Almost without exception, the majority of businesses will operate from a property or be involved in land or premises in some way.

We are able to offer you advice and practical help on all property related matters, including:

  • Sales and Purchases
  • Business Property Funding
  • Auctions
  • Property Development and Conditional Contracts
  • Pension Schemes in connection with Property Matters
  • Business Leases
  • Telecommunications sites, Windfarms and Wind Turbine sites
  • Buying and Selling property out of Insolvency
  • Landlord and Tenant Disputes

When purchasing a premises, we can provide you with a complete service in all conveyancing, property and planning matters.

When renting a premises, we can advise and assist you in obtaining the best terms available to you and the consequences of taking a lease which is not favourable to you. We can also advise you on the renewal, surrender or termination of your existing lease.

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Alan Edgington, Partner

Alan Edgington

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Martin Bunney, Senior Partner

Martin Bunney
Senior Partner

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Jason King, Solicitor

Jason King

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Sarah Edgington, Paralegal

Sarah Edgington

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