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Employment Law Update

2013 saw the introduction of fees in the Employment Tribunal with claimants now facing fees of potentially in excess of £1000 in order to bring a Claim.  Now new Regulations in the Employment Tribunal inflict an obligation upon claimants to notify the conciliation service ACAS of their claim in order that they can pursue it.

ACAS has long assisted both claimants and respondents with their employment disputes in an attempt to try and resolve disputes without them reaching the Tribunal stage.  However, the new changes force claimants to make use of ACAS' services.

Some see the various changes over the last 12 months as something positive, in trying to reduce the number of claims coming before the Employment Tribunal, whereas others believe that it is denying claimants access to justice.  Whatever the view, the numbers speak for themselves in that the most statistics reveal that there is a 75% reduction in the number of claims coming before the Employment Tribunal. This may not last however, with the Government now announcing that they are considering significantly lowering the fees in the Employment Tribunal so watch this space ...

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