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Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) Conversion

Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) Conversion

On the 1st April 2016, LDJ Solicitors converted from a traditional partnership to a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP).

From this date, the firm's registered business name will be LDJ Solicitors LLP however we will still be known as and trading as LDJ Solicitors.

The firm will continue to use the term "Partner" to describe its owners however any reference to a Partner will mean a Member of LDJ Solicitors LLP.

The principal reason for the conversion is to ensure the firm operates it business in a modern and efficient way and the new corporate structure will help the firm achieve this and its long term objectives.

The change will not affect any of our services or relationships with our clients and it will not result in any changes to our employees or day to day operations.

All existing arrangements with our clients, including terms of business, fee and confidentiality arrangements will be unaffected and remain in effect between our clients and the firm. In addition, if we hold any client documents, such as Deeds or Wills, they too will be unaffected by this change and they will continue to be stored safety in our strong rooms.

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